Cheeses we make in our workshops

Two or more of these cheeses are created in one Saturday workshop:

Camembert: a delicious white moulded cheese with a sharp taste and runny consistency.

Ricotta: whole milk ricotta with a mild flavour and high yield. Can be used immediately.

Mozzarella: a delicately flavoured stretched curd cheese that can be consumed immediately.

Gouda: a washed curd semi- hard cheese with a smooth texture and deliciously tangy taste. (can be blued)

Feta: a salty crumbly cheese flavoured with lipase to give that extra parmesan taste.

Blue Gouda: a creamy blue with a Stilton flavour.

Halloumi: creamy white with a fibrous texture, and is firmer, less brittle and generally less salty than Feta