Farmhouse Cheesemaking with Jean Mansfield

Enjoy an exciting day of hands on cheese making with Jean Mansfield. You'll create and take home your own artisan cheeses to impress your friends and family.

Jean Mansfield

All equipment and ingredients are provided including a gourmet lunch. We will be using cow’s milk but if you have access to goat or sheep milk you are welcome to bring it along. We will pasteurize the milk in class as part of the cheese making workshop.

What does our cheesemaking workshop involve?

The workshop is a one day event, generally run on a Saturday and/or Sunday from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

This is a hands on course where you make your own cheese. You learn how to create the same cheese at home in your own kitchen. You don't need expensive equipment. Jean shows you how to use ordinary kitchen utensils and equipment to make cheese.
See our cheesemaking workshop overview.

Gift Certificates

A reminder that Christmas Gift Certificates are available for cheesemaking classes - $195.00 per person.

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Christmas Gift Certificate